100 Years of Beauty: How-to
Vintage looks, modern styles. 

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT:  The 100 Years of Beauty team reconstruct historical beauty icons and offer step-by-step hair and makeup instructions for gorgeous, modern interpretations you can wear.

CAST: Monica Veloz | Christopher Chan

100 Years of Beauty: How-to -- Russia (Anna Pavlova)

How can a ballerina on the eve of the Russian Revolution inspire us before we head out dancing? Our model transforms first into Anna Pavlova in the 1910s, and then the girl you can’t take your eyes off at the club.

100 Years of Beauty: How-to -- Iran (Googoosh)

We all need to resurface after a bad breakup or a horrible day: this makeover is a reminder that you are surviving and thriving. For inspiration, the team looks at Googoosh, an Iranian pop star who reappeared after the Iranian Revolution looking fierce as ever.

100 Years of Beauty: How-to -- Japan (Chiyoha)

Sometimes you’re sorry… not sorry. Chiyoha is one of Japan’s most notorious geishas, who didn’t let some public drama stop her from doing what she wanted. The beauty team takes cues her iconic image for a bold look of self-assurance.

100 Years of Beauty: How-to -- India (Ruby Meyers)

How do you command ambition at work without sacrificing beauty? The team takes a look back at the prolific actress Ruby Meyers' long career for a confident, ready for #work look.