Am I Doing This Right
Adulting for the clueless.

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

SERIES PREMIERE: December 13, 2016 (new episodes every Tuesday)

PLOT: Being an adult: how do any of us know if we're doing it right? Kelsey's not afraid to ask the hard questions to find out. By talking to friends, experts, and perfect strangers, could the big secret be that no one actually knows WTF they're doing? 

CAST: Kelsey Darragh

How to Get Political

After years of being too intimidated by the voting process Kelsey visits the Republican & Democratic National Conventions, chats with experts from past and present to discover how big of a deal voting really is.




How to Live that Fit Life

Tired of seeing her friends humblebrag on about their bodies, Kelsey decides to get in shape. From indoor surfing to joining a circus, she looks for a realistic routine with the help of Kanye's personal trainer.