Awesome Pet Thoughts
Human tested. Pet approved!

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: Awesome Pet Thoughts expresses the everyday struggles of human existence, as told through user-generated pet videos. Each episode presents a unique sitcom-style story of millennial life, where things don’t necessarily go as planned.

CAST: Pets

Awesome Pet Thoughts | Becky Throws a Party

Becky and her friends face the consequences of their weekday party antics. In their hung-over stupor, Becky and her crew struggle to get to work, clean the post-party chaos, and generally get their lives back together. 

Awesome Pet Thoughts | Everyone Knows They Hooked Up

After Linda’s one-night stand with Phil from accounting, HR holds a meeting to warn everyone about the various unpredictable consequences of interoffice romances.

Awesome Pet Thoughts | Carl Tries to Rebrand Himself

Following a breakup-induced identity crisis, Carl tries to make some dramatic, bold choices to replace the bland persona he’s embodied for years and years.

Awesome Pet Thoughts | Terror at Camp Pine Lake

Witches and psychos and ghosts, oh my! Something sinister is responsible for the disappearance of a Camp Pine Lake camper. Now it's up to the courageous camp counselors to put aside their horniness and save him before it’s too late.