Ballin' on a Budget
Style and substance are possible on a budget.

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: Comedienne, rapper and native New Yorker Awkwafina shows you how to roll like a baller even if you’re not rolling in the dough. In this short docu-logue, you’ll see her unique take on how to live it up in NYC. Watch her wild hijinks from Queens to Washington Heights and get unsolicited advice along the way. Learn how to spend the day at the spa when you have no cash to burn or how to plan an amazing first date that costs you nothing.

CAST: Awkwafina

Ballin' on a Budget | Art of the Side Hustle

NYC is for hustlers, and a little extra cash never hurt anyone. In this episode, Awkwafina takes on a few side jobs so she can get pampered like the rich and famous.


Ballin’ on a Budget | Rooftop Party

Go straight to the top as Awkwafina shows you how to throw the dopest rooftop bash under the stars, including VIPs, DJs and OG jungle juice.

Ballin’ on a Budget | Staycation

How do you beat the NYC summer heat if you’re broke AF? As Awkwafina explains, you don’t have to leave the five boroughs to unwind. Rent your apartment and lounge at a bougie hotel pool. Maybe top off the weekend by visiting your sweet Grandma, too.

Ballin' on a Budget | Always a Bridesmaid Never a Bride

As if her presence wasn’t enough of a wedding present, Awkwafina has to shell out for a dress, hair and gifts when her BFF gets hitched. She shows us how to look beautiful without going broke.