Cholos Try …
Bold, brash, and brutally honest.

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: A hilarious, but powerful series about Los Angeles Cholos and Cholas who explore lifestyles from other cultures. You're invited on their journey as they explore quiet clubbing in NYC, Renaissance Faire in Kentucky, Alaskan outdoor adventures and much more. "Cholos Try …" breaks down stereotypes, challenges what it means to be different and shows what is possible when you try new things wholeheartedly … with a laugh. 

CAST: Fabian Alomar | Irene Soto | Karina Luna Juan | Carlos Ayala

Cholos Try … NYC Club Scene

The cholos check out the New York City club scene thinking they’re going to party it up like they do in LA, but soon find a completely different experience within the quiet clubbing scene.

Cholos Try … Renaissance Faire

At the Kentucky Renaissance Faire, the cholos don kilts and corsets, catch some jousting and try their hand at rat tossing. Watch their reactions as they experience the unique lifestyles of fringe role-playing.

Cholos Try ... Alaskan Adventures

The cholos and cholas leave the urban jungle behind and head to the beautiful Alaskan wilderness, where they meet professional outdoorsmen, who help test their skills at Glacier Climbing and Whitewater Rafting.

Cholos Try ... The Celebrity Life

From Beverly Hills to Hollywood, Fabian, Carlos, Karina and Irene try celeb living. They’re served up the stereotypical lifestyle of kale smoothies, morning yoga classes, rare spa treatments and bizarre celebrity fitness routines.