Dogs in a Park
Four legs. A million dirty tales. 

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: Ever wonder what dogs would say if they could talk? Would they be funny? Insightful? Total assholes? That's what "Dogs in a Park" explores in this animated series that follows the very human conversations between dogs at a New York City dog park.


CAST: Michael Ian Black | Jillian Bell | Nat Faxon | Artemis Pebdani

Blind, Cats & Balls

A seeing-eye dog explains his job. Two female cats bark at male dogs. A dog talks about the loss of his manhood. 

Poop, Owners & Breasts

Brian and Steph’s much-needed night out gets weird when they decide to find a drug dealer.

Sex, Bitches & Dad

Two dogs have sex. Two girlfriends talk fashion.  A lonely bulldog tells bad jokes.

Art, Actresses & Alzheimer's

A performance artist chases its tail. Two professional dog actresses catch up. Ol’ Reggie spreads wisdom all over the park