How to Human
Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, so we’re making one.

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: Though there are no road signs in life, there are ways to avoid taking a wrong turn. "How to Human" takes an irreverent look into the many ways we can improve our lives. Part how-to, part scripted comedy, this series follows the ups and downs (mostly downs) of a young woman learning the true meaning of “failing forward.”


CAST: Stephanie Koenig | Brian Jordan Alvarez | Brandon Marino

How to Tell Your Partner You Have an STD

Things start heating up between Steph and Blaine ... and now someone must have a difficult conversation.

How to Buy Drugs

Brian and Steph’s much-needed night out gets weird when they decide to find a drug dealer.

How to Discipline a Child That Isn’t Yours

When an unruly child starts wreaking havoc in a bookstore, Steph finds herself taking on the unfamiliar role of Responsible Adult.

How to Negotiate

While trying to buy a car on Craigslist, Steph becomes more interested in the owner than the vehicle. Planning to complete the transaction in person, she brings her BFF Brian along to help her haggle for a lower price -- and get his opinion on the guy.