Logan Paul vs ...
He’ll never say no to a challenge.

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PLOT: Brace yourselves as your favorite, larger than life superstar, Logan Paul, pushes the limits of speed, strength, and sanity as he takes on the wildest, funniest and most insane feats of mankind. Logan faces the supernatural, Navy Seals, a PeeWee football team, a bear, and more. This is Logan Paul vs ... 

CAST: Logan Paul

Logan Paul vs. Wilderness Survival

After technology has consumed his life, Logan must survive for 48 hours on an empty island in the middle of Illinois. With only eight items in his pack, Logan must find shelter, make fire, hunt food, and handle the wild -- alone!  

Logan Paul vs. Wilderness Survival: Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of Logan Paul vs. Wilderness Survival.

Logan Paul vs. Lucha Libre

Logan was a champion wrestler. He knows what he’s doing without question, but lucha libre wrestlers take theatrics to the next level! Logan gears up and trains "Rocky"-style to challenge a lucha legend to the ultimate fight inside the ring. 

Logan Paul vs. Lucha Libre:  Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of Logan Paul vs. Lucha Libre.