Logan Paul VS
New season, new challenges -- twice as savage.

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Logan is gearing up again to take on any challenge that comes his way, no matter how insane. Oncthe challenge is accepted, viewers are transported to a stunning unscripted scenario where Logan does all he can to succeed. Whether he’s hustling across America, slackening the Moab Desert, or hunting the greatest beasts in the Southern swamps, Logan will maintain his trademark sense of humor during the most intense and palm sweating situations. Welcome to LOGAN PAUL VS: SEASON 2.

CAST: Logan Paul

Logan Paul VS | Season 2 | Trailer

Our favorite adrenaline junkie will push his strength -- and sanity -- to the limit. New season. New challenges. Twice as SAVAGE!

Logan Paul vs. Wilderness Survival | Season 1

After technology has consumed his life, Logan must survive for 48 hours on an empty island in the middle of Illinois. With only eight items in his pack, Logan must find shelter, make fire, hunt food, and handle the wild -- alone!  

Logan Paul vs. American Ninja Warrior | Season 2

Logan Paul's top secret quest to become the greatest Ninja in the world takes him to the famous "American Ninja Warrior" TV show in Kansas City.

Logan Paul vs. Lucha Libre | Season 1

Logan was a champion wrestler. He knows what he’s doing without question, but lucha libre wrestlers take theatrics to the next level! Logan gears up and trains "Rocky"-style to challenge a lucha legend to the ultimate fight inside the ring.