Dan and Dietrich Play Would You Rather
Two terrible choices and no way out. Which would you rather? 

Watchable Exclusive | Web Series | English

PLOT: Would You Rather? There’s two terrible choices and no way out. With expert advice and horrifying punishments, Dan and Dietrich play a twisted game of deliberation, humiliation, and pain.


CAST: Daniel Desrosiers and Dietrich Kiemle

Smoothie or Deep Fry the McDonald's Menu?  

Dan and Dietrich embark on their odyssey of unbearable choices by driving through the McDonald’s drive-thru. What’s more palatable: consuming the entire menu blended into a smoothie, or having every item deep-fried?

Bikini Wax or Head-to-Head with MMA Fighter? 

No pain, no glory. Dan and Dietrich debate the pros and cons of giving each other a DIY boy-kini wax or stepping into the ring with a seasoned MMA fighter.

Poop in Front of Strangers or on Livestream?

The game has escalated quickly for our heroes when they must decide between two choices that are perhaps too difficult to stomach.

Go Streaking Blindfolded or Eyes Wide Open?

With public nudity an inevitability, Dan and Dietrich contemplate the psychological effects of seeing their spectators staring back. A veteran nudist consults with the boys as they prepare for their nude debut.